Recommendations of Tourist Spots for Vacation in Lombok

There are so many extraordinary places in Lombok that tourist can visit. Lombok is one of many places of tourism that grew along with times and becomes more crowded, full of tourist, either that is foreigner or non-foreigner. So many tourist attraction that explored and you can visit nowadays, especially those local places that have been hidden for so long and never heard before.

Lombok offers so many places with beautiful scenery and culture that always pique tourist’s interest. From the beach, small island, waterfall, mountains, hills, and traditional village; every tourist attraction with each own uniqueness, are spread across Lombok island. No wonder if that makes Lombok one of the most favorite places for tourism in Asia with more than 3 million tourists in 2016, cited from the local government site. Now, let’s get into the list of great sites you can try to go in Lombok and what you will get from those places.

Event though a lot of places have been explored, few of them still not fully explored yet. The main reason of that is because lacks of facilities around the sites; bad condition of the access road and few to none of the lodgement makes only a few of tour guides include them on their list. Before you decide to go at those places, make sure to consult it with the tour guide.

From West Lombok, Senggigi is central tourism that is popular with its beach resort. South from Senggigi, we can find Batu Bolong Temple which is a historical temple that built at 1533. A bit to center, we have Narmada Park, an ancient royal garden that built at 1727. If you go north from there, you can find Aik Nyet Sesaot, an area of 5,000 ha ecological park and forest with springs. In this place, you can try many activities such as biking and camping. Also at northwest from Aik Nyet Sesaot, you can find Timponan Waterfall and Batu Santek Waterfall. Not too far from there, Lingsar Temple is the ancient temple that built in 1714. North from this temple is Batu Mekar Village. What so special about this village is its greenery view of fields and hills, and river with the rapid stream and rocks on both sides, making it a good place for rafting. The next one is Banyumulek Village. In this village, 80% of the population works as pottery craftsmen. Because of that, this village becomes central to pottery production and already exported their product to some countries. The next one is Bayan Ancient Mosque. This mosque is a historical site of Islamic culture and the first mosque in Lombok that built in the 17th century. Up until now, this mosque still holds its design and architecture of building the same it was when the first time this mosque built.

To the south side of this Island, there is Nambung Beach. In addition to the view, this place also being used by local people to cultivate seaweed. Uniqueness one of the reef at this place also makes a waterfall comes each time a heavy wave hit them. Sire Beach can be another choice of relaxed beach with white sand. You can also access this beach from Pusuk Forest or Senggigi Beach. Pusuk Forest is a protection forest, habituated by thousands of monkey. Another beach worth mentioning is Pandanan Beach. This is another white-sand beach with a superb view. In this place, you can try grilled fish Lombok as a culinary tour. For you who like to surf and pretty good at it, Bangko-Bangko will be a good challenge. In this place, a lot of great waves can be found anytime, makes it a really good place for the surfer that would like to try it. Many foreigner surfers add this place to their destination list. Worth to mention that Bangko-Bangko isn’t just a good place for the surfer, but also a great place to fishing. Another beach that worth of mentioning is Mekaki Beach. Only a few people that know about this place, even for locals. But as many other beaches, this place also give an excellent view and a good place for relaxing. You can also enjoy the greenery scene along with road as you go there.

Kumbi Waterfall is one of the underrated tourist attraction because not so many tourists that come to this places to explore its beautifulness. But, if you one of those people that have cycling as their hobbies, you would like to try this places. You can access this waterfall by exploring the dense forest using the bike. There’s much more waterfall you can find in Lombok. In Senaru Village, at the bottom side of Rinjani Mountain, located Sendang Gile Waterfall with the height of 30 meters. But that’s not the only waterfall you can find. You can also find another waterfall, which name is Tiu Kelep Waterfall. This waterfall is higher than Sendang Gile, with the height of 40 meters. As the mountain itself, Rinjani Mountain is a volcanic mountain that still active with the height of 3726 meters above the sea level. If one of your hobbies is hiking, this is will be a good choice for you. If those waterfall mentioned above still not satisfied you, we still have Sekeper Waterfall. Still located at the foot of Rinjani Mountain, this waterfall is the highest one in West Nusa Tenggara with the height of 115 meters and dropping 5,000 liters of water every second. Sekeper Waterfall still considered as a new tourist attraction, so you gonna need local guide tour help to reaching this place, since the only way to access this place is by walking. Last two waterfall are Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall located in Gumantar Village, Kayangan, and Panggung Waterfall, in Opong Sebangun, Sambik Bangkol Village, Gangga.

Malimbu Hills in Melaka Village, are another addition spot you can try if you still want to find more a great place for its view. Now we gonna discuss Nipah Hills. This is hills is the best spot for its sunset view with Agung Bali Mountain and three of Gili Islands as their background. So, you might don’t want to miss this chance.

Gili Kedis is smallest of Gili islands located at southwest of Lombok, but with an excellent view of the calm sea and a perfect place for relaxing. To the north of Gili Kedis is Gili Sudak. Gili Sudak holds the same view as Gili Kedis as a relaxing place. You can also find lodge and restaurant in there. A bit further to the west, Gili Layar is another island that popular with its superb underwater scenery, populated with blue coral. If you are one of those who likes to diving and enjoys the underwater scenery, Gili Asahan is a good choice for you. This island is popular as a site for diving with its underwater scenery. Move to the north side, we gonna start from Gili Trawangan. You could say that this places one of the most exotic places in the world. In this small island, you can find everything you want. From the diving course, snorkeling, kayaking, nightlife, restaurant, hotel, and even villa. Gili Meno is another addition to your list if you are a newlywed. This place is known as a great destination for honeymoon. And the last one, you can try to check Gili Air. This Three Gilis (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air) is known as a popular destination for the vacation.

There’s a lot more place you can try to explore than what mentioned before. I hope this article can help you when you decided to have a vacation in Lombok.

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